How to Choose the Right Team Building Event for Your Company

Team building events are a popular way of trying to keep up team spirit during times when morale is low, and they can be good for encouraging people to work together and helping people to be more efficient as a group. However, a bad team building experience can be very boring and frustrating for everyone involved. That’s why it’s so important to pick a well-run one. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best events from Teambuilding Malaysia.

Firstly, look around for other people who have been on one of the events that you are considering sending your employees on. A well-run event will create a lot of happy memories and people will enjoy talking about them. They will reference things like good food, comfortable accommodations, funny group leaders or memorable activities. If an event doesn’t have stories like that flowing from it freely then this is a cause for concern and you should look elsewhere.

team building events

If you hear complaints about uninterested staff, bad food, activities not running on time or facilities being run down, unsafe or generally not particularly appealing, then that is an obvious sign that you should stay away from that particular company. The last thing that you want is to put yourself in a position where you are stuck with a group of employees who were already sceptical about the event, who are now tired, hungry, uncomfortable and bored.

Try to meet the people from the event in question before you actually book. This will give you an idea of the kind of people you are dealing with. If they don’t want to meet with you, then question why – the sales staff should be the most personable people at the company and if they are not then imagine what the rest of the company will be like.

Don’t worry about buzzwords – you will have plenty of them thrown at you. It’s your job to consider “core competencies”, it’s their job to make sure that people have a good time in a safe environment. Everything else will come naturally if they handle that part.

Team building will work only if you and your employees are on board with the idea, so talk to everyone before the trip and work out what they will or could get out of it. Make a commitment to apply the things that you learn after the event, too, for maximum benefit.

Team building is an investment in your company and in the individual employees. Treat it as such and everyone will come away feeling like they learned a lot and had an amazing time at the event, and they will have skills that they will be able to apply to their work in the long term.

Automotive Event Photography – Capture Those Standout Moments

Do you have a car show going on in your neck of the woods, in which you plan on attending in style? What muscle car, old classic, or souped-up sports car do you have in your garage ready to show off? Where there are car shows and other events featuring the finest automobiles, there are also photographers. Here some insight from the top Shanghai photographer who are expect in automotive event photography

Automotive event photography turns out some pretty nice pictures to commemorate different special events. There are also those people that are into automotive photography as a passion and travel to different events taking photographs of all kinds.

Shanghai Photographer

If you’re in charge of an automotive event and need a photographer or a crew of photographers, then you’re likely going to be looking at independent photographers. Perhaps you own a car lot, and you need a collection of professional pictures taken of your inventory. People do this when they are going to add their inventory online or are launching certain advertisement campaigns.

If you’re wanting to taken on automotive event photography as a career, then you need to build your own portfolio. You can view many other portfolios online from other people that have published their work.

You might want to select a certain niche. Perhaps you like taking pictures of muscle cars. You go around town, finding different muscle cars, and of course you look for them when you travel as well. And, you attend events and take pictures of muscle cars and hot rods. Well, you can be paid to do that if you network yourself well enough.

maserati photo

Perhaps you just enjoy browsing the different images of automobiles. There are all kinds of different car shows out there, and no one can possibly make them all. But as a car enthusiast, you sure can enjoy pictures from all of them.

Racing events are always popular for pictures, and these event photographers are also often paid the most money. If you’re planning on making automotive event photography a career, you should attend college and possibly pursue a good internship as you near graduation.

There are many types of photographs that are associated with automotive event photography. There are pictures of automobiles sitting idle or with their engines turned off. And, then there are those action shots, like of those during races.

Automotive Photography Chevrolet

Different types of cameras are used for these different shots. What are some of the best action shots you’ve seen when it comes to different automotive events? What about the stills? At the car shows, people are proud when you ask them to take a picture of their automobiles, so you can quickly build a portfolio this way as discussed.

With the Internet, anyone can take photographs at automotive events and share them with the world. You can also take video as well, and you can choose to build your portfolio digitally as well as in print. Browsing other people’s work can give you ideas, and you can also network with other photographers online for opportunities.

Why Hiring A Quality Wedding Dinner Photographer Is Important

When you are getting married, one of the things you need to make sure you have is a great photographer. You don’t want to just hire your second cousin to step in with a point and shoot camera to take some photos for you. This is a day that you want to remember for the rest of your life, so having a quality photographer is very important.

Most people don’t really think about the necessity of having a photographer during their wedding dinner. This is a lot more important than you would think initially because there’s going to be so much going on that there is no way you could process and remember all of it!

Hiring a professional wedding photographer who has experience in weddings is a must. The dinner is just one small part of it, but it’s something you don’t want to forget. Years down the line people will ask you what you had to eat for your guests at the wedding dinner, and depending on what it is you serve they might want to see pictures!

drone equipment for bird view wedding photographer

For example, when I got married it was catered by a somewhat fancy restaurant in my city. People who got married after I did asked what we had done for the wedding dinner, and I was able to give them a glowing recommendation as well as show them pictures of the layout that the caterers did. This helped them tremendously because they saw what the caterers were able to do and they actually ended up hiring them as well.

wedding photographyThere’s a lot of interactions that go on during a wedding dinner with your guests. Some of those interactions are hilarious, some are heartfelt, and some are just plain fun. These are interactions that you want to keep memories of, so make sure your photographer is taking a lot of pictures of everything that is going on.

One thing I stressed to our photographer is to try to get as many candid shots of our guests having fun as they could. This would give the photos a more authentic feel because it was our guests genuinely smiling and having fun. This makes for a better picture because it’s real smiles that are being caught on camera, not a forced picture.

We also had pictures and video of all of the speeches that were given during our wedding dinner. We had several people who wanted to step up and say something nice about us during our special day, and it was very welcomed. It is highly recommended to get those speeches on video if you can because you will want to watch them again later. These people put a lot of work into their speech, so it shows them you appreciate it when you take pictures or video of it.

These are just a few tips for making sure you hire a quality wedding photographer for your dinner. It may seem insignificant at first to have your dinner photographed and filmed but it is something that you will look back on years from now and be glad that you did it.

Create A Buzz For Your Event & Exhibition With Social Media Marketing

In the 21st century, social media is arguably the best way to reach customers for your event/exhibition. Unlike a TV ad, advertising on social media is affordable. In addition, unlike a newspaper ad or a billboard advertisement, you can reach more people, all over the country and the world, via the Internet and social media.

Social media is highly effective, but it takes effort on your part. What are the best sites to use, and how do you go about creating a buzz for your event/exhibition?

1. The top social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, among others. Your first step is to investigate these social media sites to determine which ones will work for you.

Although all of the powerful social media sites have their own distinct advantages, you don’t need to be on all of the sites. The more sites you’re on, the more work you’ll have to do to gain a following.

Therefore, you’ll want to start your presence on two to three of these sites at least six months before your event/exhibition. With diligence on your part, this will give you enough time to gain followers and potential customers.

social media increase conversion2. One social media site that is highly recommended is Facebook. Facebook gives you the opportunity to create a business page for your event/exhibition. After you’ve set up your page, your goal is to find “fans” for your page.

Facebook also provides targeted ads for you to take advantage of. Facebook’s targeting allows you to pinpoint exactly whom you want to advertise to. Therefore, it’s important for you to know who your potential customers are. Once you have this information, you can include keywords, locations, ages and other information in your ad that will help you to pinpoint and gain potential customers.
3. Another powerful social media site is Twitter. On Twitter, you’ll post information that fits within 140 characters. These are called “tweets.”

Your goal is to then find followers who will read your tweets. With Twitter, it is important to use hashtags to target your audience.

Hashtags are the number sign followed by the word. So, for example, if your event was a wedding exhibition in Houston, you may include the hashtag #wedding and the hashtag #Houston in your tweet.

4. Blogs are another form of social media, and with the proper SEO or search engine optimization you can better reach your potential customers. Therefore, if you set up a blog devoted to your event/exhibition, in each blog post, you would make sure you are using the correct and strongest keywords.

Done properly, these keywords would show up high on a search engine, such as Google. Then, when a potential customer uses Google and searches for information pertaining to your keywords, your blog posts may pop up.

social media marketing5. Words are not the only way to reach potential customers. People are drawn to visuals such as video or photos. Video sites, such as YouTube, give you the opportunity to upload videos, but more importantly, they also give you the opportunity to include powerful keywords that will show up on search engines and gain potential customers.

Another powerful and up-in-coming visual media is Instagram. Posting photos related to your event/exhibition, along with keywords and emotes, can help you gain potential customers. Emotes are smiley faces and a multitude of other fun icons that have proven to draw people to information.

Investigate the most powerful social networks, and then choose two to three at least six months before your event/exhibition. With diligence, you can create a sufficient buzz to bring customers to your service.

There are other marketing strategies such as search marketing which also play important role in promoting your event. Check out this video to find out more.

How to Find the Right Banner Printing Company for Your Exhibition

If you are planning on taking part in an art exhibition or hosting one, finding the right banner printing service is important, as you are going to use it to attract people to visit the exhibit. Therefore, it pays to find a company that can deliver, with regard to a number of crucial factors. Before that, it is good to find out the banner printing process.

good banner printing sampleAlthough you can ask for recommendations from friends, it pays to scout for the printing service on your own, as what may be good for them might not even come close to acceptable for you. You might want to visit forums that talk about banner printing services in your area to see who most business owners prefer. Here are a few things to remember when you are in need of printing services.


Since this event will be held on a set date, you need a printing company that can provide you with the finished work at least a day or two ahead, since you need time to set it up. Make sure that the company can give you a clear quote of how long it will take them to get the job done. They get plus points if they can deliver the finished products earlier than expected.


Their sales representative who is in charge of your account, should call you to confirm certain things. He or she should call and confirm if they got the design right, if the colors listed are correct, if you were informed about the exact day of completion and also ask about the number of copies you need.

Great Design Team

The company, while being able to print a copy based on what you have presented, should have a great design team who can help you retouch your proposed project, if the need arises. They should have a graphics designer who is skilled when it comes to layout and design. This designer should be open to suggestions and can create a banner layout from scratch, as some people may not have the talent to do so themselves.

great banner design

High Quality Resources

Banners may be printed on tarpaulin. Even so, most of us would like to be able to choose from a wider range of material. Therefore, you should pick a company that can offer you with more resources, and if they do not have these in stock, they should be able to refer you to a supplier who has what you need.

high quality banner printer

Choosing the right banner printing company is not hard, as long as you follow these guidelines. You may have noticed that we did not include pricing as one of the factors. This is because you should never trade off quality or affordability, especially when it comes to exhibitions.

Time Management for Event Companies

Event planning is something that never truly stops. From the very moment that a date is picked for an event until the very second that the last bit of the gathering is cleaned up and shut down, there is always something going on. Because there are so many things that go into the process of event planning, proper time management skills are not only helpful but they are also a crucial factor for anyone who is putting on an event. Missing out on any sort of deadline can have a horrible domino effect that can lead to problems for the rest of your event if you are not careful.

event manager meeting

Event Companies are often people that will have the ability to work right down to the wire no matter what type of deadlines they are facing. The best companies have the skills needed to tackle a mountain of obstacles and still come out on top, making the entire event planning process seem easy to those not involved. Proper time management and learning how to safely juggle a number of projects will make for the most successful parties, banquets, fundraisers, meetings and more.

event workloadWhenever possible, take the time to fully analyze your tasks and prioritize them. Structure your given workload and each day so that you are able to maximize how much you can get done. If you have red flags that pop up, you will want to be able to address them so that they do not cut into your productivity. When you seem as though you are starting to get behind, you should always delegate, delegate, delegate! Have people that you can count on to work with you so that you can pull everything together. When all is said and done, you will be glad that you worked on putting proper time management skills in play.

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Event Company in Malaysia

Successful event planning involves far more than reserving a venue and setting up tables. There are countless details that need to be taken care of. With so many factors to consider, even simple events can quickly become overwhelming.

local event dinner setupHiring an event management company in Malaysia can help alleviate this stress. These companies are trained to handle all of the details for you. This hands-off approach to event planning can allow you to focus your attention elsewhere while still knowing that your event will go off without a hitch.

With so many event management companies available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. A good rule of thumb is to hire a local company rather than a national company. Here are a few of the benefits that local event management companies have to offer when compared to their national counterparts:

Firsthand Knowledge of Local Service Providers

Local companies are more familiar with all the key players in your area. For instance, they know which venues are best suited to your needs, as well as which caterers, DJs and rental companies are the top in the area. This firsthand knowledge can help ensure that your event has the best of everything that is available.

National companies are more likely to base their decisions on whatever information they find online. Deceptive reviews and misleading information can corrupt this process,causing them to inadvertently book less-than-stellar service providers for your event. There is no comparing the firsthand knowledge of local companies with the possibly misleading information gathered by national companies.

More Local Knowledge

Just because a venue looks good on paper doesn’t mean it is practical in person. For instance, traffic, road construction, limited parking and other factors can turn an otherwise great venue into a nightmare. A local company will be able to evaluate all of these factors in person, giving them an upper hand over national companies.

Fun fare outdoor event in Malaysia

If you are planning an upcoming event, you may want to consider hiring a local event company in Malaysia to handle it for you. Their knowledge of the local scene can help ensure that you get the best of everything for your event. Not only that, but it can help you avoid unforeseen logistical problems with your venue. The last thing you want is to plan the perfect event, only to have it ruined by a midday traffic jam or loud construction equipment next door.

How Does Event Management Software Help You With Event Planning

Planning for an event is a major undertaking. There are so many variables to consider, which must be brought together into one place. This requires a very level of organization. Trying to keep track of everything manually is a big chore. This can be made easier by using event management software.

Type of event management solutions & devicesA major component of any event or seminar is its participants. This type of software can help you keep track of the people who will be attending. It can provide a registration system where potential attendees can sign up and reserve a spot at the event. They can register online from wherever they are, day or night.

You can design the registration form to include other types information that will be helpful to your planning, like a meal choice for lunch if you are providing options. You can include a place where your registrant can indicate any special requirements that he would need at the event. This allows you to plan ahead to accommodate those needs.

Features of Event Marketing Software

As the event date approaches, some event management software allow you to send an email reminder to the people who have registered. You can program in a reminder for yourself to do that. You can customize this email in any way you want.

If you are hosting an event that requires payment, the event management system can process payment as well. This allows you to set deadline in the system. You can even offer one level of pricing for those who register early, and another price for those who register after the early-bird deadline. All this will be calculated for you by the system. You will not have to deal with the payment processing yourself.

The event management systems let you set a maximum number of registrations that you can accept, so that if the event is full, no one else can register. This prevents problems of overbooking or not having enough space to accommodate everyone.

The registration pages can be customized so that you can personalize the event. If your event will feature several speakers, you can include a short biography of the speaker and a brief description of the topic being discussed. Your registrants will appreciate this bit of information in order to get them ready for it.

If you need to promote your event, some software include tools that you can use to spread the word about your event. The more people know about your event, the more people will attend.

Using event management software helps you keep all of your data together in a single place. You can manage your list of attendees and list of vendors or speakers easily. This is a good way to generate reports on the actual attendance. The date will be kept for historical purposes, so every year, you can make a comparison to the previous year. This will help you see a trend in attendance. Overall, an event management software automates many functions that will make your event management easier.

The Opportunities and Challenges In A Career Of Event Management

Event management is a popular career route for people who like to organize. This is a job where a person is in charge of putting together an event for a client. It can be for any type of occasion, including weddings, corporate parties, fundraisers, etc. Just what are the challenges and opportunities in a career as an event manager?

career path of event management
Opportunities can vary widely. If you have skills in event management, you can open up your own business planning events for other people. This allows you to be your own boss. You can choose whomever you wish to work with. You can be as flexible or innovative as you want in the services that you provide. When you sit down with a client, and he tells you what he is trying to achieve in his event, you can present your ideas and offer suggestions. This is the fun part of your job. When a client comes to you with nothing but the results that he wants to achieve, you can draw upon any resource you have in order to make his goal a reality. You can be creative and adventurous, as long as you are staying within the scope of what your client expects.

career developmentYou have the opportunity to network with many types of service providers. You can sample foods from different caterers. You can listen to various musicians perform. You can screen different performers and entertainment providers. A great thing is that you have the clout to negotiate deep discounts because a vendor knows that if you like his service, you will come back in the future with more business for him.

The opportunity to work for yourself makes you feel empowered and independent. You call the shots, as long as your client is happy.

If you do not wish to run your own event management company, a lot of corporations hire their own event manager on their staff. This is true for companies that tend to offer a lot of conferences or host events for big clients. You will be in charge of putting together these corporate parties and manage every detail, down to the clean-up after the event.

A career in event management does have its challenges. This line of work requires a very high level of organization and attention to detail, and a personality that is out-going and confident. It requires creativity and flexibility. There will be times when something does not go as expected, which threatens to ruin the day’s event. You have to be able to keep your cool and think on your feet for the next best alternative. You bear a big burden on your shoulders because the success of the event is based on how well you can pull it off. You are relying difference pieces of the puzzle all fitting together. Minor disasters have known to happen in major events, and a good event manager must know how to deal with them so that there will be as little negative impact as possible.

The Advantages Of Organizing Corporate Outdoor Team Building Event

The rate of productivity within an office is due to strong communication between staff members; therefore a great boost in your business is dependent on the interpersonal skills within your work force. This can be increased via team building activities. Through team building activities a company will be able to highlight any areas that may be lacking within the categories of logical thinking, problem solving, mutual trust and rapport. It has been seen that direct interaction between individuals can be highly beneficial, with the different advantages being listed below.

outdoor team building pushing games

1. An increase in respect and individual strengths

When engaging in different outdoor team building tasks, staff members have the opportunity to work with each other towards a shared goal. In order to attain the particular goal the staff will be required to react and respond in assigned manners offering creative ideas to move forward in the task. By working together stronger communication and interaction will be experienced, leading to mutual respect in a beneficial setting. Furthermore, the individual will have the opportunity to use existing skills in new team building situations.

2. Increasing logic and problem solving skills

In order to complete the majority of outdoor corporate team building skills staff members will require logic and problem solving abilities. As these tasks are generally designed in an analytical manner, workers will be required to work through specific coordinated sections that focus on rationality, problem solving and good judgment.

3. Team building activities can be personalized

team building games stack pyramidAs all organizations are unique, it is appropriate that all corporate team building activities be customized according to the company’s team building needs. The majority of managers will employ the services of professional consultants and design specific exercises relevant to the office workers. It is imperative that the consultant identify which areas require attention in order to create an effective team building activity. It is only through appropriate team building tasks that staff will increase their communication and overall productivity.

4. Learning in an enjoyable environment

Evidence indicates that learning in an enjoyable environment is more successful than learning in disagreeable settings. For example, a staff member is more likely to remember the skills taught in a pleasurable and humorous non-office setting than if the skill was taught in their office environment. This is why outdoor team building activities that promote supportive atmospheres are successful in building strong communication abilities.

5. Memorable and relevant exercises are more meaningful

It has been seen that memorable team building exercises that are applicable in the working environment are more meaningful to the staff member. Furthermore, the greater the level of creativity in the design the greater the amount of enjoyment felt among people completing the activity. If one session involves both creative and logical activity there is a larger chance of cooperation and communication skills being built between colleagues.

In conclusion, team building activities are rather complex tasks to design; however, with the correct exercises in place one will enjoy a growth in team cooperation and productivity.

Helpful Tips In Organizing A Fun Corporate Event For Families

Corporations like to put together family days for their employees once in a while. This may be an annual event that is organized to show appreciation to the employees. Things like company picnics, company holiday parties, or other events are welcomed by the employees as a way to allow their families to meet their coworkers and just have some fun. Planning for these family day events takes a bit of organization and forethought. People from all walks of life and all ages will be there. If you need to plan for an event like that for your company, here are some things to consider.

KD Celebration family Day 2014 March 06

One of the first things you should do is to get a general headcount of people who will be attending. Not only do you need to have the number of employees, but you need to know how many family members each employee will be bringing. You can do that by sending out a company-wide invitation to everyone request the number of guests that they will bring. Have them reply by a certain date. After the deadline, count up the responses and number attending, then add about 100 to that. Some people will always end up bring one or two more guests. It is better to plan for more than not plan for enough.

While you are getting the headcount, ask for volunteers to work on the day of the event. You will helpers that day, and this is a good way to solicit help. Offer a coporate-logo t-shirt to all volunteers.

If the event will be outdoors during the day, you have a lot of possibilities. One important aspect to any all-day event is food. You need to find a good caterer who can provide lunch for all the attendees. A good portion of those attending will probably be vegetarians. So, make sure that you provide a wide variety of food and beverage choices.

Find a place that rents out furniture and book them in advance. Other things that you will need to book to rent in advance are musicians, sound systems, and custodial service for after the event.

If you are going to provide activities for the attendees, be sure to have kid-friendly activities. Families mean children, and there will be lots of them. Think about what type of games or activities kids would like. A bouncy house is always popular. Craft tables are always a fun thing for kids.

Kids drawing in family day

Organize activities that adults will enjoy. Simple games like relay races or friendly competitions in certain skills are great in bringing employees together to have a good time. Offer fun prizes. Baseball caps, frisbees, water bottles, etc. with your company logo on them make perfect prizes for these competitions.

Assign your company volunteers to staffing various tables. Make sure that the job rotates so that one person would not get stuck at the table all day long.

A corporate family day event can bring everyone together where coworkers can meet each others’ families. This is a great way to show appreciation to the employees and to add some fun to the workplace.